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Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge

Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I've got so much to say!  So many ideas are bouncing around in my head (not to mention what the voices have on their agenda!), and I have no time to sit down and write them down.  I'm seriously bummed right now.  I feel guilty for not posting and I feel even more guilty that I haven't had time to sit and read all my favorite blogs!

My daughter's first archery tournament is this Saturday.  

We have been living and breathing archery the past week in preparation and as a result, Mommy has neglected her writing.  Why is it that moms always sacrifice themselves/their dreams/their hopes for the children?  Oh, I'm feeling it right now.

So I have to make some changes because I hold myself to unrealistic goals sometimes and I've come to view the blogging and reading of the blogs as an obligation that I have NO TIME to accomplish.  Realistically, I do have the time - maybe not every day, maybe not every other day; but I have to stop being ridiculous in the expectations department.  If I post a couple times a week, the readers will understand and be supportive...right?

So I'm making some changes...

I've decided to post regularly only twice a week.  I've got too much going on right now for a bigger commitment and I want to keep to a schedule that is manageable.  This way, I won't feel guilty about the days I miss, and I can focus on reading all the wonderful blogs I can't read now...


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself Heather. At the moment, I only post twice a week (and one of those is a regular feature!). It works for me at the moment, and you have to do what works for you. Sometimes life overwhelms us and we have to be away for a while - but you know what, our friends are still there when we get back.

    Best of luck to your daughter.

  2. Twice a week sounds perfectly reasonable. Look forward to hearing about the competition.

  3. I just recently came to the same decision myself, and decided to move from posting three times a week to two times a week. I see it as giving people better posts, because my life isn't as hectic that way.

    Archery is an awesome sport! Good luck with the tournament! :)

  4. Twice a week is wonderful. I need to lock down on myself especially with NaNoWriMo coming up next month. Good luck to your daughter!

  5. Twice a week is very reasonable. You can only do what you have time for, so don't beat yourself up.

    Great pic of Blondie, by the way. Is she stoked?

  6. I wonder sometimes if there wasn't a misnaming somewhere and Mommy was meant to be Vessel. But I'm glad to be along for the ride with my own little chipmunk.

    Setting your own schedule for all the writing things in your life is a strong way to really work toward your goals, including posting twice a week, which is great, by the way.

    And I can't help feeling impressed with the picture of your daughter. I know very little about archery, but she appears to be in a great, aligned form, perfect stance and she has a taut pull.

  7. Interesting blog. I found out about your blog through Alex C's blog. I'll stop by again and I love the haunting lake picture.