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Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge

Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Poltergeist in My House and Other Remembrances of My Nana...

I grew up surrounded by a type of warfare, a dichotomy of spirituality vs. RELIGION.  My grandmother taking me out to the woods, anointing my body with fragrant oils so that we could dance naked under the full moon and celebrate our Goddess blessed bodies; my grandfather taking me to the Baptist church on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday choir practice, Wednesday Bible Study, Thursday choir practice, and Saturday Service.

My grandmother was an old school witch.  She believed that all of us have power and should worship Mother Earth, because it is our Mother that gives us all good things.

My grandfather was a career Navy man, saved in the midst of a war; afraid he could never be pious enough to cancel out all the mean things he did to his children, women he cheated on my grandmother with, cursing, smoking, drinking, and other unmentionable atrocities.

So who do you think won that war?

My grandmother was not all rainbows and butterflies, she practiced a dark blood magic that came from the old world and was capable of doing some really heinous things.  She told me when I was 16 that she had done a blood binding spell to our house, because she knew her family would always own it and she wanted to be sure she stayed with her family - she had no desire to cross into "some ridiculous, happy light". 

Fast forward to 2009, my grandmother died on February 20th of that year; after a long battle with Alzheimer's and the lights in our house (my husband and I had "saved" my grandparents house from being condemned years earlier - but that is another story) began to flicker.

Strange electrical happenings began to happen more and more frequently, with more intensity, after my husband got laid off and then had his salary cut when he was brought back - we were talking about selling the house.

When we officially listed the property, the "haunting" became ridiculous.  Our ceiling fans would turn on - with the power switch off, my youngest son's talking dog toy began saying things - when it was off, with batteries removed - that was not in its programming, and my children would come to breakfast exhausted because Nana had been talking to them all night and they didn't get any sleep.  I was at my wits end.

Our first Open House was successful, we got an offer.  Something happened then, the buyers suddenly became worried and upset about buying the house and pulled their offer.  Months went by, we were financially becoming more and more crippled - we needed to get out of this monstrosity of a house before our financial situation was too bad to recover from.

The "vibe" in the house was getting worse, so I called a medium.  I asked if she could do an exorcism on the house and property.  I told her about the blood binding spell.  She said she could come over and take a walk through the house and feel it out. 

She arrived and everything happened on cue, it was as if my Nana was taunting her - saying "Look at me! Look at what I can do!"  The medium was more than a bit creeped out.  She got to work, she was blessing and expelling and burning things and lighting candles...it felt and looked very powerful.

That night, the house was quiet and peaceful.  My children slept their first night's sleep in months, the lights didn't come on, and there were no possessed toys talking to us.  It was fantastic!

Our house sold the next day.


  1. Creeptastic, scary and whoa. Glad the house sold though. There are things that just can not be explained by mere logic and this sounds like one of those situations where Ghost Hunters would have wished to get in on it...before the medium showed up, of course.

  2. Ah, the perfect topic for this month.

  3. Very strange story. I'd have liked to have witnessed this first hand as truthfully, I have a difficult time swallowing ghost stories. But you tell it with such honesty that it intrigues me.

  4. Wow, your Grandmother sounds like a strong and interesting person. In death as well as life!

  5. @Angela: Ghost Hunters probably would have loved to come in and do their thing...but then it would have been publicized and I never would've sold the house! :)

    @Liz: Yep! ;)

    @Michael: I speak the truth! ;) I wish my husband had been able to catch these happenings on camera, we probably could've sold the footage to someone!

    @Sarah: Strong and interesting...hmmm...that could describe her...scary and mean could also describe her! ;)

    @E. Arroyo: yeah, freaky and weird and creepy and oh so upsetting! I'm glad to be out of that house! :)

  6. yeah, id be telling this story all the way up to halloween!
    nice meeting u!

  7. I've been saving your post because it intrigued me so much. I'm glad the medium was able to move your nana elsewhere.

  8. Wow! What an awesome story! I would've loved to have strolled through your house at its eeriest! Glad you sold it though - I'm sure that's peace of mind. :)