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Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge

Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

My daughter began archery this summer, my son instantly wanted to take part as well.  After watching how dedicated she is, taking her to daily coaching and practice sessions; it became apparent that not only is she gifted in this sport - she is passionate about it.

Olivia researched archery as a sport and discovered that not only are there national and international competitions, Archery is an Olympic event.  Going to the Olympics has become her goal.  She talks about it non-stop, asking her father and I "when I go to the Olympics, will you both be there?" Notice she does not say "IF" but "WHEN".

So now my son is also shooting.  He is really gifted and passionate about it too.  Last week their coach told my husband a funny story.  It seems that Olivia was talking about "when" she goes to the Olympics and Topher said, "Sissy, wouldn't it be funny if I made it to the Olympics before you?"  Their coach began laughing his ass off!  Olivia was not too happy, but Topher was not trying to be snide - he was honestly asking her if it would be funny...she did not see the humor.

Ah! Sibling Rivalry at its best!


  1. Wow. You got a couple of future Olympians on your hands. That is so awesome.

  2. I love this! They'll have to go at the same time, then it'll be fair :)

  3. You've got quite a future to look forward to! Hopefully, even if they still fight over their abilities, they use the rivalry to improve their skills. [g]

  4. I love when my kids get their competitive edge on! And love that they're into archery. I remember doing that at camp. So cool.

  5. That is so awesome that Olivia is so passionate about it and so determined! I can totally relate to the sibling rivalry - I have a younger brother and the way he used to follow me around and copy me sometimes, I felt I was living the Little Critter book Me, Too! Lol...

  6. This is so cool! When I was about 13 I desperately wanted to learn archery but I couldn't find anywhere that gave lessons. So I started fencing instead (have never been one for the traditional!) and I stuck with that for 8 years. Hope they're both enjoying it - sounds like they are! :)

  7. @Michael: Future Olympians can be very worrisome! I hope they achieve their dream, I hope I can afford it once they do! ;)

    @Sarah: In an ideal world, that would work out - a 2 for 1 deal!

    @Jillybean: using the rivalry to foster a stronger competitive edge is really all I can hope for!

    @Liz: or lack thereof...

    @Alison: My daughter was first introduced to archery at camp...and the rest is history! :)

    @Crystal: Yes, Olivia is finally at the age where her brother being around all the time is beginning to annoy her...let's hope I can guide them out of this phase.

    @Liz: Fencing is SUPER cool! Olivia worries about what others will say because EVERYONE is either in soccer or cheer or gymnastics around here...I tell her to embrace her uniqueness! ;)