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Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge

Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 = Patriot Day

Today, 10 years ago, I held my 3 month old daughter and cried as the news predicted the beginning of World War 3. I panicked when my husband was leaving for work, he would have to drive through downtown L.A. and everyone was saying we must be next. I sat, transfixed, watching the 24 hour news channels - getting more and more depressed and angry. I participated in vigils, I held signs on street corners, I wanted revenge!

Then our President, the man we are all suppose to be able to believe, lied to our Congress and to us and took us into a war with no purpose - except settling an old score for his daddy.  A war we have been promised is going to end, but seems to have no end.  A war that takes our service men and women away from their families, some never to return.

10 years later I'm still pissed off about 9/11, I'm pissed at the people who think that controlling by fear is ever an acceptable means to an end...both foreign and domestic.

So what does it mean to be a patriot?  Are you a patriot if you follow along and never question the authority of the land?  I don't think so.  Our country would not even exist if our ancestors had gone that route.  The way our Congress is behaving and the manner in which a certain past President acted toward the American people would have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves.

For those of you, readers, that are United States citizens - how do you feel about this dark day?  And for those readers not residing in the United States, your perspective is so much more broad - what are your thoughts on this day?

I can't wait to read your thoughts...


  1. I totally agree with you re the "use" of fear. The Bush/Cheney administration used 9/11 to dis-empower the American people while moving forward their own agendas and making sure that Halliburton would never go out of business. I resent that the name "Patriot Day" has been assigned to September 11th. Bush and Cheney are not and have never been patriots. They are self-serving bastards. And the current Congress is pretty messed-up, too! Bush's first presidential term (which was NOT obtained validly) was the beginning of our country's most dysfunctional chapter. We're still in that chapter, and I'm not convinced we'll ever get out of it.

  2. Meh Bush and Cheney are just greedy power-hungry people in a long string of greedy power-hungry people going back millions of years. What they did is no different than has been played out over and over and over. Let's face it, the rich people in our country look at others as their servants and playthings and believe that we should just accept this and be their slaves. They use whatever they want to in order to justify their actions and statements. Sometimes it is religion...sometimes it is patriotism. But honestly, they're going to reach for whatever is available to manipulate others into getting what they want. And it will happen again. The only way to stop it is to educate the masses. I think this is one reason why education is constantly under budget cuts. The wealthy don't want smart slaves.

  3. As a Canadian, I, too, found myself disgusted with Bush's actions - like you said, "settling an old score for his daddy." Overall, though, I just remember a lot of fear. I was scared that we here in Canada would be next; I was scared World War III and the very end of the world was upon us; I was just plain scared.

  4. @Katie: I think we would not have much to debate the two of us if we ever got together for coffee and political discussion! ;) I do try to look at Patriot Day as a time to remember, a time to be thankful for the good that does exist in this country - but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth because it also reminds me of the Patriot Act...and let's not get me started on that one!

    @Michael: I agree with you completely "The wealthy don't want smart slaves", this concept seems to be getting lost on the masses - and it is because they are ignorant, fat and happy. People today are unwilling to read for themselves, think for themselves, process out their own beliefs - and so idiots with big oil and bigger fat cats best interest at heart, keep getting elected to our highest offices. It is so sad.

    @Crystal: Fear, Fear, Fear...that seems to be the new policy, and it disgusts me. How is that any way to live? UUUGH!

  5. I just had to comment... Yes Bush/Cheney and the GOP use fear, they use it very well. One of the main reasons I left the party.
    I went to Germany about a year or two after 9/11 and their outrage at us and particularly Bush was an eye-opening experience.
    I just have to add the earthquake in Va were the founding father rolling over in their graves LOL ;-)