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Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge

Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Back!

Well, good heavens!  I had to take a bit of a break with barfing babies and some stress relief & lo and behold...I hit 50+ followers!  Thank you all for deciding to stick around and read my crazy musings! :)

I'm back in the game with a bit of a hot-button topic for all of you to chime in on...

Do you believe in ghosts?  Do you have a personal experience with one?

My best friend died 6 years ago (click on that link and you can read one of my first blog posts, back when I thought it was just a diary for me!) and I find that she still seems to be around.  Last night she was yelling at me in a dream.  Funny thing is, that what she was saying sounded just like what she'd be saying if she were alive and standing in my kitchen!  I've had a ton of experiences since her passing...and my grandfather's in 2008 and my grandmother's in 2009 - so I am a believer; but what about you?

I'm dying to know if this is something that most of you find to be a qualifying symptom - in my long list of qualifiers - for the looney bin; or something that you totally believe is plausible/possible - even if you don't have any experience with it; OR BETTER YET - do you have a story to tell?

Please share your story...I'd love to read it! :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. I don't have one directly - and honestly, not in a rush to have one - but I had a cousin let me know that they had an experience with the ghost of my mother.

    My mother passed going on 15 years ago. A couple of weeks after she died, one of her dearest and closest cousing came by the house tather tired. Apparently, she'd spent half the night having a long conversation with my mother. They laughed and cried, according to her, and I figured she was just going through the grief process. I found out that a few weeks later, a lamp situated in the middle of a dresser vibrated to the edge and slammed to the carpet. This dresser was in my mother's former bedroom where her widower wasn't exactly living up to his grieving process at all. I thought back to my cousin's conversation and realized she may not have been as crazy as I thought she was.

  2. I don't have a story, so the existence of ghosts hasn't been proved to me. But then, neither has it been disproved :-)

    I'm a believer until someone proves otherwise.

  3. You read my blog of today, so you know ghosts visit me from time to time -- at least in my imagination. LOL.

    Our loved ones become part of the very fiber of our being. They are never gone since their being sculpted our spirits and thoughts. I come across a situation and hear the voice of my best friend, Sandra, commenting on it even though she is not present.

    Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland

  4. I have no ghost stories. I honestly don't think they exist. I do keep an open mind though. Furnish me proof and I shall be a believer.

  5. I am pretty sure the looney bin only takes you if you think you are ghost, not if you believe in them!

  6. I do believe in ghosts. I know people who I trust that have had experiences. If I did have one, I didn't know it. Yet I do have dreams about people who have passed on.

  7. i think so. when the hair stands up on the nape of my neck, i tend to think that my imagination is linked to something in the external world, though i deny it often in the moment becuz i is scared:) but not all the time.
    when the plates slip in the drying rack i always wonder...

  8. Never had an experience... but I believe there is something beyond our own life... I think I would completely freak if I ever saw a ghost...hehe

  9. I don't have a story to tell, but I do feel my father's presence at times.

    Cool post! Glad you're feeling better!

  10. Oh yes, I believe in ghosts - always have. I think I got that belief from my father who experienced ghosts when he grew up in Scotland. He died about three years ago and a few days after he died, I'd swear blind I felt him touch my hand while I slept. I instantly woke up, calling out to him. I think it was his way of saying goodbye, for I've never experienced it since.

    I hope you and your children are feeling much better now. It's good to see you back!

  11. During your move, I so wanted to write a blog post and title it "Disclosing the Ghost". But it was more your story than mine, and I didn't think I should, so I didn't.

  12. @Everyone: I have many stories, but no pictures; and I do not know what constitutes "proof" for some of you - but check out tomorrows post for the story referenced by Liz in these comments! ;)