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Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge

Salton Sea Sunset Photo by Ron Niebrugge
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Monday, September 12, 2011

WIP - Vengeance Witches

 This is what I am currently working on, it is a story about three sisters - triplets that look identical except for the color of their hair; a trait that is passed on to their sons.  I hope you enjoy this first posting of my WIP.

I've heard the stories 'bout them boys and their mammas, wonder if they're true?  We'll soon see, won't we? I've only got 'bout 10 more miles to go, if I can make it there by sun up - well, I just gotta make it there by sun up, no one can see me like this.  Who knew my simple evenin' would turn out this bad? Shoot, cain't win fer losin'.  I hurt ev'rywhere, I'm so tired; I gotta rest just a bit.  If I lay my head down fer a spell, I'll have more strength to get there...just fer a spell.

Blackie just about tripped over the heap in the path, and lost sight of that 12 point buck.

"Dammit to hell!" he growled,

"Woudja watch it?"  Whitey came popping up outta a bit of brush 10 yards away and gave Blackie the look of death.

"You two done gone and lost that buck, ya know" Red said with his usual calm as he approached out of thin air.

"What is this?" and as Blackie was about to kick that heap of something, Red put his hand out.

"Wait, I swear it just moved"

Whitey ran over, kneeled down and let out a big sigh, "Shit boys, its a girl and she's been worked over real good - we gotta get her to our Mammas".

Red picked her up like she was nothing but a scrap of paper and carried her real gentle like out of the woods.

The door slammed open and hit the wall behind it,

"Dammit boys, why you always slammin' the door?" Euterpe shouted as she turned and heard Ruthie exclaim "Goddess bless us".  Tabiatha came running in from the back garden.

"What ya got there now?" Ruthie always could keep it together in a crisis, but poor Tabiatha was fanning herself something fierce.

"Oh my dear Goddess! Is that a girl?" Tabiatha wailed, "What did you boys do?"

"Mamma, you know we didn't; why would you even say that?" Red's soft-spoken answer was full of pain.

Oh the warmth and soft fur against my skin feels real nice. Fur? Where am I? Sitting up like a scared rabbit, I vomited onto the floor beside me.

"Shh, now. You're allright, and don't you worry - we're gonna make this all better."

The woman talkin' to me has such kind eyes, I've never seen such kind eyes..."I'm just gonna lie back down for a minute" I mumbled - I think - and then I'll tell her how kind she looks...but I can't make my jaw move...I'm so tired...I think I'll...

"Oh Ruthie, Euterpe! The poor girl just made a mess all over the floor; send in one of the boys to clean it up.  I've got to brew some of my tea for her stomach, she's definitely got the head sickness"

"Of course she's got the head sickness! Are you mad? Whoever hurt that poor child, nearly beat her head in!" Euterpe was real good at stating the obvious.

"Euterpe, you don't need to shout." Tabiatha whispered.

"Both of you quiet! She needs to rest, shut your mouths" Ruthie always got right to the point.

"I'm goin' out to the herb shack, start the water boilin'" Tabiatha said as she brushed past Euterpe and out the back door.

"Water's already boilin', like I'm uninitiated in how to care for someone been worked over like this poor girl has..." Euterpe's tirade dropped to a mumbled whisper with the glare Ruthie shot her.

"Red! Get a bucket and come in here and clean up this poor soul's mess.  Be real quiet like, I don't want you wakin' her up - she needs lotsa rest, you hear me?"

"Yes, Auntie Ruthie"

Red grabbed the cleaning supplies and snuck into the healing room.  He wanted to make sure he didn't bother the small, frail girl either - he wasn't stupid, he knew how important rest was at this point.  He made sure he didn't make a sound, he cleaned and focused on getting it all up so the smell wouldn't make her vomit again when she awoke; but he made the mistake of looking up - that is all it took, just the one look. 

Goddess, she looks like a forest fairie sent from you.  She is so small and beautiful, even through the swelling and cuts and bruises you can see she's like perfection underneath.  She doesn't look like she could be real - how to hell could anyone do this ugliness to something so pure?  Red had a feeling deep down that this would be the first time, in a long time, when he wouldn't regret or second guess the vengeance mission the Mammas were bound to send them on.


  1. I'm very interested in finding out what a vengeance mission is :-)

  2. I second Sarah's comment and... WOW! I'm just dying to know who the girl is, what's going to happen between her and Red and... yeah, you've definitely got me intrigued! :-D

  3. I love the accent in the dialogue. This work is great and has wonderful details and awesome pacing. I agree with Crystal...quite intriguing.

  4. Agree with Michael - the accent really adds to the piece. Really like this!

  5. @Sarah: Stay tuned! I'm going to do an excerpt every Tuesday, I think...

    @Crystal: I never really thought I had romance in me...but this just happened naturally as I was writing...its so weird.

    @Michael: Oh! I'm so glad the accent works, it's really hard to write Ozarkian...have you ever heard them speak? I was trying to be true to the voice...thanks for the feedback!

    @Liz: Thank you so much!

  6. LOL Okay you have me hanging. I want more...
    I love the voice, the pace, the accent, everything is wonderful.


  7. Just read this...please keep writing! I love the title, and as others have noted, your use of the regional dialect is excellent! I think I noted once before that your talent for dialog is great. Often, that's what writers forget to include. One will read PAGES of exposition, but the true action of a novel should take in the back and forth conversations (as it were)between the characters--just like in real life. Having said that, I think perhaps my favorite part of this particular slice of your work is Red's thoughts:
    "Goddess, she looks like a forest fairie sent from you. She is so small and beautiful, even through the swelling and cuts and bruises you can see she's like perfection underneath. She doesn't look like she could be real - how to hell could anyone do this ugliness to something so pure?"
    That's the seminal question in this entire piece. So much pleasure to read your work.